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A rather short heads up for current news on veterans affairs as it relates to the transition process for returning combat veterans. This radio program is clearly in the vanguard for an open dialogue about the nuances of the residuals of war. Should you have the time go to the podcast interview with Navy Cross [...]

The Shortest Commentary In America On Syrian Bombing

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The end of toleration is fully understood. The reaction from the USA is understood. What escapes a conscionable citizenry is why 435 members of the House of Representatives have neither the fortitude nor diligence of duty to vote on the War Powers Act. History will surely record this as cowardly. Please advise.

Functional Bracing Garmets for Veterans

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I am 60 days in now as a test case for IntelliSkin. , a garment that was originally designed for athletes and now discovered to have a practical value for veterans with back injuries and osteoporosis. This patented technology works as an intelligent second skin. It cues your body’s natural ability to support itself by [...]

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Welcome Beginnings – Why We Do What We D0 The Journey Is The Healing Team Events and Reviews You Can Help! Resources for Vets Healing Journey Registration Welcome Home / Welcome “Nature, of itself, can be healing.  The desert held violence for me, but here I found peace.” Welcome to This website and the [...]

Transportation to Loma Linda VA free for Vets

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Beginning Monday, January 9th, 2017 veterans who reside in the Victorville vicinity and who have a scheduled appointment at the Loma Linda VA will now have the opportunity for a free bus ride to Loma Linda. The program is called Veterans Express Transportation System. The pickup and drop off is on Lorene Drive behind Costco [...]

Victor Valley Marine Corps League Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Victor Valley Marine Corps League is Wednesday December 21st at 6.30 pm in the Education Room of St. Hilary’s Episcopal Church at 11305 Hesperia Road.. Some members enjoy adjourning to the Desert Barn Brewery for debriefing. Merry Christmas to the High Desert people and God speed.   For inquiries call 760.550.8083

Update on Air Force C-123’s and Agent Orange

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Hello Mike, What a long time since we last wrote one another. Sure, I’d appreciate the article getting broader coverage as we certainly have many of our vets in Arizona. Plus there is such attention given the boneyard and its role in destruction of the old airplanes. I think the last coverage on our airplanes [...]

Who’s In Charge? Not the 8th Commandment.

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I feel confident we have the tools and epidemiological expertise to address and abate the concerns with the Zika virus. I am not so bolstered nor assured there are any strategies in place to deal with the intractable epidemic of character disorders that have permeated every facet of our culture. Industry, Commerce, Government and Religion are being subsumed [...]

The VA Fan Club

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A VA Fan Club? For real? Well not really, yet there is a very large “de facto” fan base comprised of the battalions of veterans nationwide who are at ease and pleased with the healthcare that the Veterans Administration provides with great equality of delivery. There is a reason that the surveys come back with [...]

Victor Valley Shooters Hand Gun Class is Top Shot!

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Individuals from all walks of life, gender, and young or old can now learn basics of handgun ownership at the beginning handgun class, at the Victor Valley Shooters firearms training facility in Apple Valley. The beginners class is just one of several courses they offer, which include advanced handgun training, home defense Class, plus private [...]